• Soil Mechanics
  • Alluvial Channel Hydraulics
  • River Mechanics
  • Fate and Transport of Contaminated Sediments

River Mechanics


  • 053:170 (CEE:4370) Flow in Open Channels

Course Description

This course explores the rich and complex field of fluid mechanics, sediment transport, geomorphology and contaminant transport pertaining to river mechanics. The emphasis of the course is on river equilibrium, river dynamics, bank erosion and stabilization as well as river training. These topics are introduced and complemented with the application of different open-source and in-house computer simulation models. Students learn how to design several countermeasures to reduce the effects of flow on bank erosion, improve stabilization and maintain suitable aquatic habitat.



  • Class projects are due on Tuesday 7 May 2013


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Posted on January 3rd, 2013