Shengnan Zhou

  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • 424 John D. Tickle Building
    851 Neyland Drive
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Knoxville, TN 37996
    Shengnan Zhou

    I come from the central south of China, Yichang of Hubei Province, a city locates on the north side of Yangtze River and is famous for the Three Gorges Dam. I received my Diploma in Geographical Sciences (four year degree) from the Hubei Normal University in 2013. Afterwards, I was admitted to the Institute of Applied Ecology, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and granted MSc degree in 2016. My master work focused on landscape processes and ecological modeling. I’m currently pursuing my PhD degree in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, working with Prof. Papanicolaou Research Group.

    My current research belongs to the Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs), which is focused on how management affects and redistributes it in the 3D domain is of paramount importance for ecosystem. In this study, I will couple two established, spatially distributed, process-based models, for upland erosion (namely Water Erosion Prediction Project, WEPP) and soil biogeochemistry (namely CENTURY) to provide an integrated assessment of three, currently-applied, cropping rotations in an intensively managed agroecosystem of the Midwest, namely the Clear Creek, IA watershed. My goal is to determine which of these rotations lessen erosion effects and SOC loss on the environment while remain productive and profitable in the long-term.