Christos Giannopoulos

  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • 411 John D. Tickle Building
    851 Neyland Drive
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Knoxville, TN 37996
    Christos Giannopoulos

    I was born in Patras, a city in southwestern Greece, where I also pursued my undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering. After graduating from the University of Patras on July 2015, I directly came to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in order to pursue a PhD in the major of Environmental Engineering. I am currently a PhD student and Graduate Research Assistant, working in the research group of Thanos Papanicolaou and assisting in the Hydraulics and Sedimentation Laboratory (HSL) of the University of Tennessee.

    My research area is on the soil erosion and sediment transport processes at the catchment scale, with a focus on their spatiotemporal scales. The ultimate goal of my research is to develop tools that can be used for the effective implementation and assessment of Best Management Practices (BMPs) at watersheds. This area of study includes both upland and in-stream processes, as well as catchment geomorphology and topography to accurately depict the watershed dynamics. Working on this diverse thematic, as well as in Prof. Papanicolaou’s team, I am involved in a broad range of distinct environmental topics, the study of which is enhanced by pertinent fieldwork and laboratory experiments.